• Oil factories
• Asphalt factories
• Car factories and car buying and selling exhibitions


• Household and electrical wad of Commerce
• Fabrics and yarn, cotton and administration laundries trade
• The sale and purchase of real estate
• Livestock trade to import calves of the most important global countries
• Mineral water trading



Agricultural and animal production and strategic crop cultivation.

Who We Are?

MMasat ALAbshar Company is a specialized company in the fields of general trade, commercial agencies, industrial, agricultural, food and contracting projects. Since its inc32dcf5eption, it has been engaged in the trade of household and electrical materials, trade in cars and exhibitions. We also manage the manufacture of textiles, yarns and textiles on a large scale in the field. Agricultural and animal production projects, water plants management, banks and banking transactions. It has exclusive commercial agencies of the most important international brands, a company interested in the Iraqi market and providing the best results in all fields.

  • Trading of household and electrical materials
  • Car industry and exhibitions and buying and selling cars
  • Trading fabrics, yarns, cotton and dyeing management
  • Factories for fabrics, yarn, cotton and grille
  • Buying and selling real estate
  • Agricultural and livestock production and strategic crop cultivation
  • Livestock trade for the import of calves from the most important international countries
  • Mineral water Trading.
Customers Served
Projects Acquired
Solutions Provided
Millions Invested

Our Services

What we do!
  • Obtain the best commercial agencies of the most famous trade marks in every field.

  • Providing and preparing all consumer and artificial goods of high quality and from best international origins with proper prices to all state directorates, government and non-government institutions, companies and individuals.

  • Providing highest level of services to all our commercial activities of maintenance and rehabilitate to all our clients in professionality and record time

  • Conduct all transactions and conclude all types of contracts and sign them and enter into various types of pledges, tenders and auctions with the official and semi-official departments in the public sector, mixed and private

  • Upgrading Iraqi’s electricity to meet nowadays requirements


Oil factories

Accounting Services


Solar energy





Operations Management


Electricity Services

Strategic Planning

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